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AD-INSERT threaded inserts

Introduction of AD-Insert® threaded inserts

AD-lnsert® threaded insert is a kind of screw connecting component which consists of diamond-section stainless material with high strength, accuracy and corrosive resistance.Particularly adopted for soft materials such as alumium, magnesium, cast iron, plastic, is improves the connecting strength with wear resistance when it is fit with nut after screwed into tapping.In the meantime, thanks to its elasticity strains are distributed along the whole thread length, by smoothing our unevenness in pitch and angle in thread walls.It makes screw load uniformly and prolongs its life span.

The principle of AD-lnsert® threaded inserts

In the free state, the diameter of threaded insert is slightly larger than the internal thread it is loaded into. In the process of assembly, the torque force added by the installation tool to the mounting handle makes the diameter of the guide ring shrink, which leads into the hole of the internal thread tapped by the special tap of threaded insert sleeve in advance.

Advantages of AD-Insert® threaded inserts

◆ Improve Thread Strength Of Workpiece.

The threaded insert is installed in metal or non-metal soft material, forming standard internal thread with high strength, wear resistance and interchangeability, improving workpiece strength and wear resistance.

◆ Prolong The Service Life
Prevent thread breakage caused by thread wear, corrosion and vibration, even if frequent installation and disassembly will not affect the service life of the workpiece.

◆ Make The Design More Concise
It can maximize the flexibility of design, broaden the scope of design selection, and simplify the design structure and assembly

◆ Improve Thread Bearing Capacity
Effectively remove the pitch and half angle error between internal and external threads.The load on each thread is evenly distributed so as to improve the fatigue strength of the thread connection.

◆ Reduce Volume And Weight

To make the best use of the yield limit,bolts of smaller size and higher strength can be selected.This minimizes material savings, reduces weight and size.

◆ Reduce The Cost

Repair faulty or damaged inner thread holes with threaded inserts.With less investment to repair the matrix, save the important parts, greatly reduce the cost

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