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HELICOIL threaded inserts (USA)


Helicoil threaded inserts (sometimes written as Heli-coil threaded inserts), full name Helicoil wire threaded inserts, is a new type of internal threaded fasteners developed for the protection of non-ferrous metal threaded holes, suitable for threaded connections. Its structure is a concentric body of spring internal and external thread which is precisely machined by stainless steel wire with high precision diamond section. Helicoil screw sleeve is the first brand in the steel wire screw sleeve industry, originating in the United States, with absolutely reliable quality, providing a reliable screw repair solution for the industrial field, and is the only screw sleeve brand recognized by NASA. Helicoil sheath products enjoy high reputation in aviation, military, automobile, electronic communication, medical and other fields.


1, good anti-corrosion.
2. Heat resistance and wear resistance.
3, uniform load, distributed stress.
4, simple and quick leakage installation detection.
5. Diversified product specifications.
6, comprehensive supporting tools and installation system.


Helicoil threaded inserts are mainly used for thread strengthening and repair, providing high strength, heat and wear resistance of high precision thread for your requirements. The internal thread is often damaged by various reasons, such as thread stroking, disorderly buckle, wear, corrosion, rust and so on. The damage of internal thread can sometimes cause serious losses, which can affect the assembly process and assembly quality, and cause the whole large piece to be scrapped. In the field of thread strengthening and repair, the Helicoil screw sleeve is considered to be one of the most reliable solutions. Install threaded inserts, and the repaired thread will be as good as or even better than new thread, especially for low strength parts such as aluminum alloy, copper alloy, plastic parts. In addition, the use of Helicoil threaded insert can help reduce the space required by the components and reduce the amount of materials required for use, thereby reducing the weight of the components.


Helicoil Thread specification:Helicoil threaded inserts are classified by thread specifications into metric (coarse and fine), UNC and UNF, plus the British standard (coarse BSW and Fine BSF) and tube thread (G)

Helicoil length specification:Usually the length of threaded inserts is selected according to the multiple of the nominal diameter d of the bolt installed within it. Each screw sleeve has 1d, 1.5d, 2d, 2.5d, 3d lengths.For example, M6, 1.5d screw sleeve, after installation, can form M6, 9mm length of internal thread hole.

Helicoil classification:

According to its own structure can be divided into: ordinary type (Free Running) and locking type (Screw Lock), locking type screw sleeve is in the middle of the screw sleeve through a circle or more polygonal coil to achieve the clamping effect on the bolts installed in it, play the effect of anti-loosening.Additional anti-loose spacers, etc., are unnecessary to reduce costs and ensure simplified assembly

Strengthen the connection: Screw it into a metal or non-metal material to form a high strength standard internal thread.The application of low strength engineering materials such as aluminum, copper, magnesium alloy and plastic can obviously improve the connection strength and wear resistance of thread.

Maintenance: In the event of thread machining errors or repair of damaged internal thread holes, the use of screw sleeve as a repair means, can be economical and convenient maintenance, and still use the original specification of screws.

Conversion of different thread specifications: convert the series of thread holes, such as metric ←→ British ←→ unified thread, by using the screw sleeve.

HeliCoil theaded inserts are about 80% used in the military and aerospace industries, providing high strength built-in threads.There are 304 stainless steel, titanium alloy, phosphobronze, Inconel X750 alloy, Nitronic60, nickel alloy, special coatings such as plating (coating) layer, dry lubricant coating (molybdenum disulfide), cadmium plating, Primer FreeTM, silver plating, etc.Of these, a Boeing 747 requires 250,000 threaded isnerts, and the average space shuttle requires 250,000 threaded inserts.

Standard for HeliCoil

1, chemical composition and physical properties in line with AS7245, ASME SA-497, AS7246 .

2. Meet the military standard MS21208, NASM21209, NASM122076 to NASM12275, NASM124651 to NASM124850, MS9018 and military specification NASM8846.

3, In line with aviation standards MA3279, MA3280, MA3281, MA3329, MA3330, MA3331, MA1565.

4, In line with ISO9001-ISO/TS 16949.

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